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What is SWISS Virtual

We are a non-profit association based at Zurich Airport, Switzerland. Within our community, we are considered to be a “virtual airline”. This means that we provide the environment needed for flight simulator pilots to enjoy their hobby in the most realistic way possible.

Our purpose is to provide a community for people passionate about the airline SWISS, help our flight simulator pilots improve and expand their skills and support young talents aiming for a career in aviation.

While flight simulation is generally a recreational game, we consider it a comprehensive hobby. We aim to reproduce the SWISS flight operations as accurately as possible, with enormous care to procedural accuracy. We proudly represent SWISS on the VATSIM and IVAO online multiplayer networks.

Optional association membership

SWISS Virtual is an association under Swiss Law. When you sign up as a flight simulator pilot, you are not automatically a member of the association. If you want to join the association as a member, you can do so optionally by applying via this online form. You will then receive an invoice in the amount of currently CHF 20.00.

Membership is fully optional and is not required to participate as a flight simulator pilot. Being a member does not guarantee acceptance as a flight simulator pilot. Participation as a flight simulator pilot and as a member is completely separate.

For more information, please see the Articles of Association.