My OFP was generated with an A320 as the aircraft, can I fly a different aircraft?

No you cannot. You must always fly the aircraft indicated on the OFP. You can change the aircraft type during the dispatch phase before generating the OFP.

My booked flights default selected aircraft is an A320, can I change it to a different aircraft?

Yes you can. In the dispatch window you can switch the default suggested aircraft with any aircraft available in the dispatcher, as long as that new aircraft can safely perform the flight (Consider: Range, AC size, and other limitations). So theoretically you could fly from Z├╝rich (LSZH) to Geneva (LSGG) with a B777 instead of an A320, but you cannot fly to London City (EGLC) with an A320 due to the approach descent angle or to Singapore with an A330-300 due to its range and fuel capacity.

Is Windows 7 (or older) supported?

No. As of January 2020 Microsoft no longer supports Windows 7 (and older version), therefore certain critical libraries used by our ACARS are no longer being updated and break over time and cause our ACARS to malfunction.

Is Flying online on VATSIM/IVAO required?

No, but all flights will be reviewed under the assumption that they were flown online.

Do I have to fly once a month?

No, if you dont fly within a month your status will simply be changed to “inactive”. However, if your status is inactive for 365 days or more, your membership might be terminated. To change your status back to “active” you simply have to perform a flight.

Do I need to pay anything?

No. All our services are free, although we welcome donations.

Is there an age restriction?

Yes. People under 18 years of age must fill out and submit a provided parental consent document signed by their parent/legal guardian. People under 13 years of age will not be accepted regardless of parental consent.

I do not live in Switzerland, can I still join?


Is MacOS/Linux supported?


Do I need a good level of knowledge/experience in aviation/simulation?

Yes. We require all members to have a descent level of knowledge/experience in aviation/simulation. The expected level of knowledge/experience equivalent to that of a VATSIM ATPL or IVAO ATP certification (You do not need the actual certificate, you just need to have the knowledge/experience equivalent).

Do I need to know good English?

Yes. All members must have a minimum B1 English level.

Can I fly whatever routes I want to fly?

No. You can only fly routes available in our booking system which is the exact same as the real world SWISS schedule.

Can I fly whenever I want to fly?

Yes and No. You can only start your flight within +/-6 hours of the booking departure time (STD).

Is there a flight limit?

No. Fly as much as you want!

Are mobile simulators supported?

No. We only support full simulators such as Xplane11, Prepar3D.

Is Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 supported?

Partially. The simulator still has some issues. Pilots can use it at their own risk, they are ultimately responsible for the handling of the aircraft and the submitted PIREP.

Where can I get support?

You can get official support at https://support.swiss-virtual.com/ or help from other members on our discord.

Can I be an ATC controller for SWISS Virtual?

No. SWISS Virtual only simulates a pilots POV.

How can I work for SWISS Virtual?

Visit https://www.swiss-virtual.com/management/ and look for vacant positions within the various departments.

Does SWISS Virtual organize IRL events?

Yes. Although this has been postponed for the moment due to COVID-19.

Can I go away mid flight?

Yes you may leave your simulator/go to sleep at your own risk and as long as you disconnect from VATSIM/IVAO and are in the cruise phase. You must be present during all other phases of flight.

What time zone are the times in?

All indicated times are in UTC.

Do I need the latest AIRAC version?

Yes. We require all our members to have the latest AIRAC version whilst performing a flight with us.

Is there documentation that can help me?

Yes. We offer over 200 pages of documentation for our members.