The Management Board

The management of SWISS Virtual is appointed by the Board of Directors. It is the primary point of contact for flight simulator crews and is responsible for the handling of all tasks related to flight simulation directly.

  • Massimo Fontana
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Alexandre Etzlinger
    Chief of Staff
  • David Eichenberger
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Noah Boegli
    Chief Information Officer
  • Johannes Hart
    Assistant to the CEO

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has been elected for a period of four years between (2018—2022) and is responsible for the management of all aspects not directly related to flight simulation such as finances, career development and legal obligations.

  • Chris Leduc
  • Luca La Rocca
  • Lucien Moesching
  • Alberto Restifo
  • Laura Sciullo
  • Nikolaus Vosswinkel