Trainee Flight Support Agent

Non-Management Role
Reports to the Head of Flight Support

You’re the trusted voice that provides advice and support on Discord and Skype. When you provide feedback to pilot reports, your evaluation is trusted by hundreds of pilots around the world. You’re the positive attitude to every take-off.

As a Trainee Flight Support Agent, you’ll be the voice that our flight crews hear when the contact the Operations Call Center. As part of your duties, you’ll help the core team giving feedback to pilot reports by evaluating in a detailed way data from the flight records. On Discord, you’ll help moderate the conversation. No matter what channel, you’ll catch issues before they become an issue and forward them to the right team. In every exchange, you’re underpromising, but also try to over-deliver.  You’ll draw on your expertise to provide information about delays, gates, fuel on arrival and much more to your colleagues. In case of a reported failure or emergency, you’ll be able to help the crew manage the situation with the help of the documentation provided. Sometimes, you will be coordinating with online ATC to request and reserve the right gate or to support pilots during high workload periods. You will use the ACARS function to send information or a new OFP to pilots if requested.

What you bring to the team
— You are 18 years or older
— You are a member with over 100 flight hours on IVAO or VATSIM
— You are proficient in our SOP and aircraft procedures.
— Your command of English is excellent. French, German or Italian are a plus
— Experience in airline operations is a plus but not required (see “Inexperienced candidates” below)

What we offer
— A unique opportunity to learn new skills and develop your competency in the area of flight operations
— Collaboration in a global, highly motivated team of aviation enthusiasts
— A chance to engage directly with all of our members
— Possibility to grow in your role and take on more responsibilities (e.g. Trainee Flight Support Agent and several other roles within the ground staff)

Inexperienced candidates
We are committed to developing the skills of our candidates to help them succeed in the task and potentially beyond their role at SWISS Virtual. If you do not have experience in the flight operatinos area but are motivated and willing to learn, please do also apply.

Contact Ground Staff Recruiting at if you have any questions or would like to apply. Good luck!