Trainee External Relations

Management Role
Reports to the CEO

As a leading career incubator for the Swiss aviation industry, we provide tremendous value to our sponsors. Help us keep in touch with our partners and develop our sponsorship network. This job includes working with the Board of Directors to identify potential sponsors and actively contacting them over various channels.

As Trainee External Relations, you will support the mission of SWISS Virtual by acquiring new sponsors, keeping existing partners informed and engaged and developing new ideas for fundraising. As a speciality of SWISS Virtual, many contributions we receive are not financial but instead of material nature. You will be coordinating with the CEO and the Board of Directors to ensure that we do not accept sponsorships or contributions from SWISS and Lufthansa Group competitors. You live and breathe the feedback loop, analysing the success of our campaigns and seeking for ways to improve them.

What you bring to the team
— You are 18 years or older
— You live in Switzerland or close-by and are willing and able to occasionally travel to meetings with external partners together with members of the Management Board or the Board of Directors
— Your written command of English is excellent. As a member of the management, you’re also fluent in at least German, French or Italian — any language is a plus)
— You are passionate about business relations, ready to call or write to strangers and developing friendships
— A talent for negotiation, especially with business partners
— Experience in fundraising, sponsoring (donor/recipient) or business administration is a plus but not required (see “Inexperienced candidates” below)

What we offer
— A unique opportunity to learn new skills and develop your competency in the area of fundraising and business relations
— Flexibility to implement your ideas and concepts in a “sandbox” setting
— Collaboration in a global, highly motivated team of aviation enthusiasts
— A chance to frequently attend meetings with external companies
— Possibility to grow in your role and take on more responsibilities (e.g. Head of External Relations)

Inexperienced candidates
We are committed to developing the skills of our candidates to help them succeed in the task and potentially beyond their role at SWISS Virtual. If you do not have experience in the fundraising area but are motivated and willing to learn, please do also apply.

Contact Ground Staff Recruiting at if you have any questions or would like to apply. Good luck!