Flight Simulation Team

The skies are the most beautiful place to be. What if you could bring the skies home to you?

The dream of flying has always brought us fascination and delight since the dawn of civilisation. Now, computers have the power to bring this beautiful experience to your home.

Thanks to the advanced graphics capabilities now available to computers, it is possible to simulate the entire experience of a flight — from the environment and weather to the flight characteristics and equipment. Challenging situations such as a failure can be trained at home in almost the same ways as in reality.

The flight simulation world makes flight simulation even more realistic by uniting air traffic controllers and pilots on a single platform (See: IVAO or VATSIM), so they can see each other, give and receive instructions and navigate safely in this virtual space. The level of professionalism and sophistication stuns even experienced pilots, and we’re glad to contribute to this community.

As a member of SWISS Virtual, you can enlist to become a flight simulator pilot and are awarded the rank of Second Officer. Through your career with us, you are coached and supported to improve your skills and learn from actual pilots. Through dedication, you will reach the rank of First Officer and eventually the rare and prestigious level of Captain.

Many of our younger pilots have gone on to start a pilot career and are successful pilots at SWISS and many other airlines today. We’re proud to contribute to the development of aviation through this programme in partnership with SWISS and many other organisations and companies.